Linking Organisational Values and Leadership Competencies

Linking Organisational Values and Leadership Competencies

A significantly more effective way of coaching leaders and generating organisational alignment

Dattner Grant, experts in organisational alignment and leadership development, are proud to announce the development of a unique diagnostic approach to linking organisational values and leadership competencies. The diagnostic measures observable behaviours in both values and leadership competencies. Individual assessments are done and organisational patterns identified from these. Participants are then provided with an interpretation on personal insights and linking patterns. This is a profoundly important tool to ensure leaders understand the skills required to lead a values aligned organisation. Dattner Grant can then provide advice to executives and HR leaders on the internal responses required to support organisational patterns. The Dattner Grant tool makes transparent the skills required to ensure a broad range of stakeholders have a consistent leadership experience, which in turn generates cultural consistency and alignment in brand promise.

For further information, please contact: Fabian Dattner or Jim Grant via email at


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