Julia May

Manager - Women's Leadership Initiatives

Julia May joined Dattner Grant as the head of the Global Women’s Project in March 2016. She brings a rich experience in storytelling, coaching, communications and strategy. Julia manages Compass, the national women’s leadership program, and Dattner Grant’s growing suite of services aimed at equipping women with the skills to be better able to shape the world around them. She's also a faculty member of Homeward Bound and will be on the first voyage in December 2016.

Julia spent 12 years as a journalist, writing mostly for The Age. During five years as Fairfax’s London correspondent and later as a social affairs writer – where she wrote mainly about justice and women’s issues - she gained a deep understanding of the power of storytelling to both empower and disempower. A passion for helping others to articulate their purpose and reframe their narrative led Julia to undertake a diploma of life coaching, and to work with individuals and companies to overcome the roadblocks in the way of their best path. She has a deep ability to listen, to distill ideas, to think creatively and strategically, and, as a mother of two girls, has an abiding sense of the need to take a different approach to leadership in order to secure our future.

Julia is also a board member of the Creative Women’s Circle, a national non-profit, and actively mentors several emerging women leaders.

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